Small Groups

We at CRU believe that small groups play an integral role in building both community and personal faith. There are several small groups which meet on a weekly basis for Bible study, group discussion, and community building. We strongly encourage everyone to make an effort to join one of the following groups. 


  • Robert: Thurdays 6 pm. Meet up at Union bottom floor. (Contact:
  • Ryan: Tuesdays 7 pm. Crocket Hall. (Contact: 856-938-8298)
  • Tim: Wednesdays 4 pm. 2152 12th St., Troy, NY. (Contact: 518-378-8226,


  • Zefanya: Wednesdays 7:30 pm. 2205 14th St., Troy, NY. (Contact: 732-789-5990)
  • Amy & Stephanie: Thursdays 6 pm. 96 Eagle St., Troy, NY. (Contact: Amy @ 774-571-1165) 


  • Jeremy: Wednesdays 7 pm.  100 9th St., Troy, NY. (Contact: 505-879-7232)